Technology Standards

circuitTechnology is all around us. As teachers, we all have our own opinions about how much of it should be allowed in the classroom. Even Nicholas Carr, in his book The Shallows, discusses how the Internet is rerouting our neural pathways, asking “Is Google making us stupid?” The amount of exposure to screens has been widely debated, however it was just recently announced that the American Academy of Pediatrics has updated its guidelines of media for young kids and school-aged children. Technology is here and changing (including us) at a rapid pace.

The fact is we, as teachers, cannot escape that our students are growing up in a world where technology has always existed. These “digital natives” are used to having access to technology and the reality is their future jobs are going to depend on it (Schrum and Levin, 2009). It is our job (one of many) to make sure they can navigate and communicate in a way that is responsible.

I have embraced technology, and have used it in my classroom since the mid- to late 90s. I created a computer lab in my first classroom and even started an educational discussion website, before their were blogs. There were no technology standards when I taught, I just did it. Now there are guidelines for teachers to help them incorporate technology in their classrooms. In addition to international standards, most of the 50 states have their own technology standards and links can be found here: Technology Standards.

I am very interested in hearing your story of how you use technology in your classroom. There are so many resources out there from blogs, YouTube videos, podcasts, etc. What resources do you utilize?

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