Teacher Toolbox Story

The teacher toolbox is a resource created for teachers by teachers…

Being a teacher who started in the mid-90s, I have seen technology become an important element in teaching. In my early teaching career, my goal was to incorporate technology into the classroom. I then became instrumental in instructing fellow teachers how to use technology and providing them the skills to implement it in their lessons and classrooms. My passion for technology and teaching has prompted me to keep up to date on Web 2.0 technologies and tools even when I was no longer in the classroom.

After taking some time off to raise my kids, I am once again in pursuit of combining my love of learning, technology and teaching, which is the inspiration for Teacher Toolbox. The Teacher Toolbox is a way for me to continue to keep up with technology and share how to use it with other inspiring teachers. I am looking forward to the collaboration that this site will bring about and hope that you participate and enjoy it too.